The Wild West Showcase LIVESTREAM

We are so excited to bring you the Strike it Up Wild West Showcase virtually!!
Please choose the ticket that matches the show(s) you want to view Live.
You can choose: a single show, show 1 & 2, show 1,2,3 or ALL 4 shows.

When you click on the ticket to purchase you will be prompted for your payment information as well as to create a password.
You will use your email and this password to access the live show.
On the day of the show you will login from the homepage (or this page). Scroll up a bit and use the log in button above. On mobile it’s where you click the 3 menu lines. We recommend logging on ahead of time so you know where you’re going and don’t miss a minute of the fun!

We do our best to ensure a stable stream with up to date fast hosting and internet options, however with these types of events there are always many variables so we cannot guarantee any of those variables. If you have technical difficulties you can reach out to Crystal via her personal email:

Video tutorial for purchasing tickets:

Tutorial to log in and view the show: