Out of Mind, Into Body 3 day Immersion


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Join Crystal and others virtually for 3 days, to get out of your Head and Into Your Body!! With the psycho sexual practices Crystal shares you will walk (or more like dance) away
-with more confidence
-being able to Feel your body like never before
-having more love and appreciation for your body (even loving the places you’ve found hard to love)!
-with experience of being more grounded and centered in your daily life
-feeling comfortable touching your body
-having your sensuality activated
-and more that comes from your individual experience!

Jan 29-31
(meetings will be 1 hr though plan on a short bit over just in case things go a bit over time)

We will join virtually via Zoom. Recordings will be provided in the class for those who cannot make it live. They will only be accessible for one week for folks to watch replays.

VIP option includes one 30minute 1:1 session with Crystal to amplify and refine your own practice and give support as needed for that which You specifically have going on in your life. These sessions are to be booked within the month and there are only 5 slots available.

We all know how much life sweeps us up and seems to have all of the control, including the constant chatter that is going on in our heads:

our to do list, how we want things done, what we wish would have been done, everywhere we “should” on ourselves, the numerous things everyone needs from us, the calendar of events, the planning, the plotting, and on n on n on that mind goes….

Take a breath and notice how much this chatter is stopping you from being Present
From being in YOUR BODY.

How are we suppose to experience any pleasure or joy when we aren’t even keyed into what our body is feeling?

This 3 day immersion is geared to clear all of that!!

-Love all of those places you’ve been neglecting.
-Ground yourself to find Peace and Safety
-Re-activate your Sensuality

Immersion Only, VIP

Immersion Only, VIP