Full Moon Circle Single



The consent form will appear right after you check out and can be filled out on that screen easily. If you do not fill it out right away, please return here so you can fill out the form here:

Full Moon Circle Form
I understand that my health is my responsibility and I will not follow any directions that may go against the comforts or needs of my body. I will not hold EnhanceUtv responsible if I injure myself.
I consent to having Crystal tap into my personal energetic and emotional body and I understand that this can connect with taking on feelings (perceived or actually felt) from those close to me. If I do not want this I will say "no thanks" below instead of my signature of consent. (Your signature or No will apply to all future sessions unless emailed a change).
I understand that it is completely in my control if I receive or do not receive any sort of energetic healing as part of the group healing. If this concept is foreign to me I will know that I simply will not receive any of the healing energy via the group or individualization.