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Embodied You: a Reclamation of ALL of Your Parts


Join other women for a Sensual Reset for 2022!
We will gather in circle in person and online. (please read carefully to understand the schedule and possibilities and email crystal@crystalfranco.com with any questions). (FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT ONLINE ONLY please email crystal@crystalfranco.com so you can be added to an additional group!!)
Doors Open! (doors close on DECEMBER 7, 2021–extended to December 10th!)

  • Reactivate your sensual self!
  • Be unapologetically You.
  • Tune into your magnetic capacity.
  • Feel the juiciness of your body.
  • Release shame.
  • Own your Radiance.
  • Make Yourself the Priority!
  • Connect with your womb in a new way.
  • Experience more Love, Call in more Love. (all leading up to Valentine’s Day too!)

We will begin with an introduction to the jade egg-  a very beginner practice, series which was created by the renowned jade egg instructor Dr. Saida Desilets, which we will explore together.

We are going to:
-explore our Erotic Innocence and Genius!
-learn about our Pleasure Pathways and how to activate them or amplify them!
-enjoy being in our bodies and moving them in ways that help us break the linear go go go reality we accept as ‘normal’ for our day to day.
-drink supportive teas and fine tune our nervous system-increasing our capacity for pleasure too!

Registering for this class you will also receive a Pure Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg, and the Emergence of the Sensual Woman book by Dr. Saida Desilets.
*if you already have a pure nephrite jade egg, email crystal@crystalfranco.com for a discount code and you will not receive the egg or book.

For those who choose the IN Person option, we will meet IN PERSON for
Class 1 on January 14, 2022 @ 6p (all in person classes are approximately 1 hr)
-then there will be a daily live video (20-30minutes) every day Jan 15-27. These you will access from this site via the Embody You Program (which you’re automatically enrolled in via your purchase here).
Back in person:
on January 28 @6p
February 4 @ 6p
February 11 @ 6p

So 4 In Person dates/times and 12 virtual lives/recordings to access in between Jan 14 and Jan 28. These days are dedicated to really going all in with the jade egg program. They are still easy to digest and done in a way to not overwhelm. You can go at your own pace with these and regardless of doing them on time, you will have access to them throughout the program if you don’t do them those 12 days in a row!

For those of you who choose an all Online Option all of the days will be online however the same ‘in person’ dates listed above will be Zoom calls that we can all be in circle together with so it is highly encouraged to join us LIVE and not just rely on replays. I am currently planning on these to be immediate after the in person times at 7:30p CST. This is subject to change based on who signs up, how many choose this option, and where everyone lives etc.  If things were to not work out after everyone is registered you are welcome to a full refund if requested by December 18, 2021.

**No refunds will be provided after December 18, 2021 & refunds are not possible for the jade egg portion itself, for the intimate nature of the eggs-once the shipment is on way, refunds are not possible for that portion.
If you are unable to attend last minute, you will have access to the online version replays.
Per Covid guidelines for those attending in person- it is required that you stay home if you’ve had a potential covid exposure and if you have symptoms of any sort, not just covid symptoms, these include cough, stuffiness, sore throat, fatigue from feeling ill, etc. Please use kindness and common sense here. You will have access to online content to replace the in person experience.
If Crystal is unable to attend an in person time frame due to illness or covid exposure, she will either pick a rescheduled date (if feeling terrible) or lead the circle via zoom.

Thank you thank you thank you!! See you there!

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