Activating the Heart & Sensuality: 8 week program for women



We will join virtually for 8 weeks to dive into opening your heart and activating your sensuality through psycho-sexual practices.
*If your partner joins there will be a discount for the two of you (if your partner is a man he can join the Awakening the Consciousness program, if a woman then this same program. Reach out to get a discount code on your partner’s registration).

This is for a range of women, those who are:
-tired all the time, who don’t feel fully alive!
-moms who have lost touch with their own sensuality or sexuality since becoming ‘mom’
-yearning to have a healthy communication with their body, including their yoni
-wanting to harmonize their nervous system to feel safe
-want to feel their most sensual and sexual selves without guilt or shame
-who want to live from your heart
-who want to heal components of their sexuality
-who want to feel good in their body
-who yearn for more confidence

We will meet virtually via Zoom every Saturday beginning March 13 @ 3:15p
Replays will be available for one month, however it is best if you can join live to be able to interact and ask questions and receive more support live.